2018 Residential Property Tax Estimator
Use the residential property tax estimator below to estimate how your property's 2018 Assessed value will affect your property taxes
A final rate will not be set until May 2018
Enter the assessed value of your property:
2017 Assessed Value    
2018 Assessed Value    
Projected Change in Property Tax Rate (%)    
 Assessed values may change year to year primarily due to two factors.
                1) Changes in market value as indicated by recent property sales in your area.
                2) Improvements made to your property

When establishing property tax rates the City of New Westminster adjusts its tax rates to reflect the average market change for the assessment class. In 2018 the residential property class increased in value by an average of 12.8%. Property taxes are calculated by multiplying your property’s assessed market value by the tax rate for your assessment class. If your property assessment exceeds or is below the average for the class you will see a proportional increase or decrease in gross taxes versus the stated tax rate increase. The tax estimator provides an example of how the City of New Westminster calculates the tax levy.
If you have any questions about the estimator or other property tax questions, please call the Property Tax Department at 604-527-4550